tirsdag 30. juni 2009

X - x - X

In January 2008 we had the pleasure of going to Thailand for vacation. Thailand is full of unknown(X) surprises, Xotic (alternative spelling, I know) flowers and animals. At least for us, norwegians, it looks like that.

Meet Mr. X, we met this little sweet outside a temple, and we don't know more than he is an ape.
So, unknown to us, we call him Mr. X.

Butterflies this size
are rarely seen in Norway. We call it Xotic!Beautiful Xotic flowers. I like the white one in the middle

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8 kommentarer:

  1. Perfect choices for the letter X. Your interpetation works for me. Beautiful flowers.

  2. Works for me - these photos are x-quisite!

  3. Woww! Wait! Is that his tongue? No.. He must be putting it in his mouth!

  4. Den kammeraten på toppen var direkte sjarmerende og jeg var direkte imponert over de sommerfuglene.

    PS Jeg har også en X med "alternativ" staving...

  5. I love butterflies and flowers!
    They are all "xotic" to me!

  6. The butterflies and flowers are gorgeous! And eXotic.

    Good representation of 'X'

  7. Great job! Way to think outside the box and come up with X!


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